Virtual Reality is "the next big thing". I create content for education, health and entertainment using the latest technology. I am co-founder at Future Lighthouse.

What I Do

I started as CGI artist & VFX specialist and later on developed massive technological skills working for Campus Party, one of the biggest technological events in the world. I’ve always felt proud of having mixed an artistic background with a technological one. How things are made fascinates me and I love to put them apart to see how they work and then put them together again improving them on the process. That’s what being a hacker is about.


Who I Am

I am husband and father. I love technology, science, cinema, to watch sports and play videogames. I love fly throught the galaxy on my spaceship. I love to learn by testing and failing, and I love to learn how to do incredible things. I feel good solving challenges applying technology and common sense. Also I am part of Global Shapers Madrid community, a group part of the World Economic Forum (


My Work

Here you can find my latest projects.

If you are here, we need to talk!

I think, we can do amazing things together. I don't know who you are, but you know what I do. Add me to your projects to merge our talents. If you need some extra info, it will be a pleasure to send you some. Anyway, thank you for visiting my website. Take care!